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langerin, CD207 protein, epitope, dendritic cell, spleen, ovalbumin


The targeted delivery of Ags to dendritic cell (DCs) in vivo greatly improves the efficiency of Ag presentation to T cells and allows an analysis of receptor function. To evaluate the function of Langerin/CD207, a receptor expressed by subsets of DCs that frequently coexpress the DEC205/CD205 receptor, we genetically introduced OVA into the C terminus of anti-receptor Ab H chains. Taking advantage of the new L31 mAb to the extracellular domain of mouse Langerin, we find that the hybrid Ab targets appropriate DC subsets in draining lymph nodes and spleen. OVA is then presented efficiently to CD8+ and CD4+ T cells in vivo, which undergo 4-8 cycles of division in 3 days. Peptide MHC I and II complexes persist for days. Dose response studies indicate only modest differences between Langerin and DEC receptors in these functions. Thus, Langerin effectively mediates Ag presentation.


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