Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Commons @ RU?

Digital Commons @ RU is a repository of the research, scholarship, and creative works of The Rockefeller University faculty, students, and staff. Administered by the Rita and Frits Markus Library, the repository increases the global visibility of our campus community’s intellectual output and seeks to showcase and preserve our rich and unique history of scientific accomplishment.

Digital Commons @ RU is an open-access institutional repository, with freely accessible content that is searchable via Google Scholar and other search engines.

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What is in here?

Content in Digital Commons @ RU includes but is not limited to:

  • Rockefeller University theses
  • Research articles
  • Supplementary data
  • Historical university newsletters
  • Images
  • Posters

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Can I add my work to Digital Commons?

Yes!  Authors must own the copyright for (or have permission to post) work submitted to Digital Commons @ RU. To post a work, you should hold the copyright to that work or have the approval of the copyright holder to do so. As the author, you are the copyright holder unless and until you transfer the copyright to someone else in a signed agreement, such as a publisher.  Many publishers now allow authors to post copies of their author accepted manuscripts to institutional repositories, such as Digital Commons. Authors should review publication agreements with the publisher to ensure that depositing an article in the repository is allowed. Many publisher agreements can be found online at:

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How do I include my work here?

The library can work with you to get your documents added to the repository. We can submit your research on your behalf, or we can help you set up your own lab space where your group can submit their own work.

To determine what works best for you, contact the Digital Commons @ RU administrator:

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Why is my thesis here?

Beginning with the graduating class of 2004, the University’s Intellectual Property Policy grants the university rights to use theses for non-commercial academic use, such as posting to an institutional repository like Digital Commons.  Students are given a Thesis Acknowledgment Form upon submitting their thesis with the Deans Office that allows them to request a delay of publishing for up to two years.

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Why is my thesis not included here?

Some possible reasons your thesis may not be included here:

  • You requested a delay on your Thesis Acknowledgement Form
  • Your thesis is from before 2006, and is not yet digitized
  • Your thesis is from before 2004, in which case we do not have rights to deposit your thesis without your written approval.
  • We have not gotten to adding it yet.

If you would like us to add your thesis, send an email to the Digital Commons @ RU administrator:  and we will work on posting it ASAP.

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Can I have my thesis removed?

If for some reason you would like a further delay on your thesis being published here, please contact the Digital Commons @ RU administrator:

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