Kaiser, E. Radical ions


Kaiser, E. Radical ions



Emil Thomas Kaiser, Larry Kevan. Radical ions

Series: Reactive intermediates in organic chemistry

This is a collection of 13 papers that deal with the recent developments in the chemistry of radical ions. The first eight chapters cover the theoretical and experimental aspects of organic radicals in solution. Although there is no apparent attempt to present these chapters from a systematic point of view, the topics chosen do seem to give a fairly good, up-to-date, and overall perspective of the radicals. Since electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) is uniquely suited for investigation of these systems, most of the discussions are based on the interpretation of the EPR spectra. Recent important developments such as theoretical calculation of spin densities, electronic structure of anion and cation radicals, ion-ion-pair equilibria, and molecular conformation studies are treated in considerable detail. The other five chapters are devoted to the chemistry of inorganic radical ions as well as ions produced in rigid media by high energy irradiation. Here again the reader will find that EPR is the dominant experimental tool, although optical methods are also discussed.

The chapters are highly specialized and tend to reflect the interests of the authors, and a sound knowledge of EPR is essential for understanding most of the discussions.

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chemistry, radicals

Kaiser, E. Radical ions