Pomet, Pierre


Pomet, Pierre



Pomet, Pierre. Histoire générale des drogues, simples et composées, renfermant dans les trois classes des végétaux, des animaux & des minéraux tout ce qui est l'objet de la physique, de la chimie, de la pharmacie, & des arts les plus utiles à la société des hommes, 1735

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Subjects: Materia medica – Early works to 1800


Notes: In two volumes

Language: French

Format: Book

Summary: Pierre Pomet (1658-1699) was a French pharmacologist, chemist, and botanist who became chief supplier of drugs to Louis XIV. After his apprenticeship, he traveled widely in Europe collecting botanical, mineral and medicinal samples and on his return opened a shop selling drugs. He was asked to give lectures at the Jardin des Plantes on the preparation of his products and he issued regular catalogs of them. This work was translated into English and German. Part I deals with botanical medicine and most of the illustrations are of plants but there are some interesting and unusual plates: curing tobacco, manufacturing sugar, processing indigo. Part II is on animals and their uses in medicine with interesting plates of unicorns, whales, rhinoceros and elephant, silk manufacture, bee-keeping, packing tuna into barrels. Part II opens with a long piece on the Egyptians and in particular on Mummies with an interesting plate. Part III is on fossils and minerals including gold, silver, iron, mercury, tin, copper, vitriol, lead, antimony, arsenic, sulfur and precious stones.

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E. Ganeau & L.E. Ganeau fils




medicine, drugs, Rare Book Collection

Pomet, Pierre