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Ernest Fullam at the Interchemical Corporation RCA EMB electron microscope, 1941

Interchemical's RCA EMB microscope was the fourth one produced and the first one in New York City. The microscope's supervising technician, Ernest Fullam,used the instrument officially to examine the particle size of industrial finishes of paints, printing inks, and abrasives. But it was evident that "the microscope had far more potential value for the physical study of animal tissue,,, and that great forward strides could be made a s result of its use in the field of pathology, particularly in regard to cancer."

Claude was very enthusiastic about the prospect of an electron microscope, a trained technician to operate it, and a host of materials that he wanted to examine. For nearly a year, he sent a variety of samples to Fullam, including both normal and tumor rat tissues, protoplasmic granules, and chromatin threads that he was isolating. By mid-1944, Porter joined Claude on visits to Interchemical so they could learn how to handle the specimens and to use the microscope themselves. - Entering Unseen World, pp. 55-57


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