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2017 March 17

Naomi Louisa O'Connell, Irish mezzo-soprano opera singer; Brent Funderburk, piano.

St. Patrick's Day Meets Women's History Month.

Performed Women of The Woods; Die Geschiedene Frau (The Divorced Woman); ′Saints or Witches′; Views of Ireland

WOMEN OF THE WOODS - Charles Stanford: La Belle Dame Sans Merci (The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy); Felix Mendelssohn: And′res Maienlied (Hexenlied) (Other May Song (Witch's Song)); Hermann Zilcher: Elfe (Elf); Hermann Zilcher: Die Musikantin (The Musician); Hugo Wolf: Das Köhlerweib ist trunk (The charcoal burner's wife is drunk); Hugo Wolf: Ich hab′ in Penna einen Liebsten wohnen (I have a lover living in Penna). DIE GESCHIEDENE FRAU (The Divorced Woman) - Theobald Tiger (Kurt Tucholsky): Stoß seufzer einer Dame, in bewegter Nacht (Sigh of a woman in a restless night); Hanns Eisler: Ideal und Wirklichkeit (Ideal and Reality); Hans Hammerschmid/Hildegard Knef: 17 Millimeter fehlten mir zum Glück (17 Millimeters away from Happiness); Rolf Alexander Wilhelm/Kurt Tucholsky: Sie, zu ihm (She, to him). ′SAINTS OR WITCHES′; - Chris Berg: Her Kind; Can I Fly, Too?; Introducing that Most Marvellous Human Freak, the Bearded Lady Miss Lupin. VIEWS OF IRELAND - J.L. Molloy: The Kerry Dances; T.C. Kelly: The Mother; Havelock Nelson: Dirty Work; Granville Bantock: Song to the Seals; Tom Lehrer: The Irish Ballad.

Photo credit: Walter van Dyk

Watch Naomi and her long-time collaborator, pianist Brent Funderburk, perform The Irish Ballad


Naomi Louisa O'Connell, Brent Funderburk, noon recitals, John Gerlach


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