Oreos and Dubonnet : Remembering Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller


Oreos and Dubonnet : Remembering Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller



Joseph H. Boyd, Charles R. Holcomb. Oreos and Dubonnet: Remembering Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller

A unique figure and an outsized personality, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller was a man whose character, personal style, and (of course) wealth shaped both his goals and how he pursued them. Although many stories about Rockefeller have been published over the years, many more remain to be told, and in Oreos and Dubonnet, Rockefeller’s former advance man and personal assistant Joseph H. Boyd Jr. and former political reporter Charles R. Holcomb bring together scores of behind-the-scenes anecdotes, accounts, and observations from a wide variety of people who worked with and for Rockefeller in various circumstances. Some of them (and even the title itself, which refers to the two things that Rockefeller asked to have in his hotel room at every campaign stop) add amusing or telling detail to the mosaic of this complex and creative man. Others illustrate the personal approaches or techniques he relied on to persuade, cajole, or otherwise get his way in the rough-and-tumble world of gubernatorial and presidential politics. And all of them add to our understanding of one of New York’s most lively and influential governors. --SUNY Press



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Nelson A. Rockefeller, New York State Government, biography

Oreos and Dubonnet : Remembering Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller