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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Semliki Forest virus is a group A arthropod-borne virus which contains RNA and possesses a lipoprotein envelope. It can be transmitted among animals by mosquitoes in which it multiplies, but its natural host is not known. The virus grows to high titer in a number of types of vertebrate cells in culture. The growth of Semliki Forest virus was studied with the electron microscope during a single cycle of viral replication in chick embryo cells. The spherical virus particle consists of a nucleoid, or nucleocapsid, 280 A in diameter, closely wrapped in an envelope which consists of a unit membrane 75 A thick coated on its outer surface with projections 110 A long. There appears to be a narrow 10-30 A space between the nucleocapsid and the envelope. The diameter of the virus particle, excluding the projections, is approximately 500 A, and thus the whole virus particle is about 700 A in diameter.


A thesis submitted to the Faculty of The Rockefeller University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Phi10sQphy

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