Lloyd, D. The cell division cycle


Lloyd, D. The cell division cycle



David Lloyd, Robert K. Poole, Steven W. Edwards/editors. The cell division cycle: temporal organization and control of cellular growth and reproduction

An appreciation of the basic control processes involved in cellular reproduction is central to investigations of factors leading to the defective stated in cancer and is therefore of great importance to cell biology in general. This book highlights the sequentially ordered processes that characterize the growth and division of a cell with particular emphasis on studies which concentrate on the dynamic aspects of these control systems.

Firstly, the time domain occupied by cell-cycle-dependent events is orientated with respect to biological reactions and events, and the oscillatory character of the cell cycle is illustrated. A description of the synthesis of cell components, including DNA, RNA, and proteins, leads to a discussion of the time course of the assembly of multicomponent structures, which also considers the organization of the energy supply for these biosynthetic events. There is a review of the invaluable information obtained from cell division cycle mutants, which under nonpermissive conditions cannot complete the natural cycle of events, and the book concludes with an analysis of the implications for the application of these researches to problems of cytodifferentiation and cancer therapy.

The book has almost two hundred figures and some 25000 references, mostly from the last ten years, and includes some unpublished work from the authors’ own laboratories. Thus research workers and postgraduates in biology, biochemistry, genetics and cell physiology will find this an up-to-date treatise on an important new aspect of cell research.



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cell division, cell cycle

Lloyd, D. The cell division cycle