Glimm, J. The Legacy of John von Neumann


Glimm, J. The Legacy of John von Neumann



James Glimm, John Impagliazzo, and I. M Singer/ editors. The Legacy of John von Neumann

Series: Proceedings of symposia in pure mathematics; v. 50. John von Neumann : a personal view / Marina v.N. Whitman -- Remembering John von Neumann / Peter D. Lax -- Nonmathematical reminiscences about Johnny von Neumann / Françoise Ulam -- The extraordinary inspiration of John von Neumann / Israel Halperin -- The philosophical legacy of John von Neumann, in light of its inception and evolution in his formative years / Nicholas Vonneuman -- Von Neumann and the early days of ergodic theory / George W. Mackey -- Von Neumann and ergodic theory / Donald S. Ornstein -- Nonconventional ergodic averages / Hillel Furstenberg -- The rings of operators papers / F.J. Murray -- Operator algebras-- an overview / Richard V. Kadison -- Introduction à la géométrie non-commutative / Alain Connes -- Some of the legacy of John von Neumann in physics : theory of measurement, quantum logic, and von Neumann algebras in physics / Huzihiro Araki -- Mathematics motivated by physics / Arthur Jaffe. (cont.) The mathematical implications of fundamental physical principles / I.E. Segal -- On the principles of large scale computing machines / Herman H. Goldstine and John von Neumann -- Scientific computing : Von Neumann's vision, today's realities, and the promise of the future /James Glimm-- Intermittency of turbulence / Zhen-Su She, Eric Jackson, and Steven A. Orszag -- Supercomputer simulations of the interaction of biomolecules in solution / Enrico Clementi ... [et al.] -- Von Neumann and neural networks / Jack D. Cowan -- Two-person, perfect-information GAMES / Elwyn Berlekamp -- The origins of John von Neumann's theory of automata / William Aspray -- Developments in "The synthesis of reliable organisms from unreliable components" / Nicholas Pippenger.



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Glimm, J. The Legacy of John von Neumann