Asanuma, H. The motor cortex


Asanuma, H. The motor cortex



Hiroshi Asanuma. The motor cortex

In this brief monograph, Asanuma provides a concise and informative presentation of the history of work on the motor cortex and current issues in understanding motor programs and motor memory. He begins by describing early work on the motor cortex, the limitations and difficulties of early technology for studying the problems, and the questions and issues that arose out of these studies. With this background, he then proceeds in a series of short chapters to describe how these various issues have been addressed or resolved by subsequent experimentation and which new issues have arisen as a result of this study. Each brief chapter frames a particular question or issue and describes current concepts or knowledge in a lucid, straightforward manner, identifying weaknesses or gaps in theory and knowledge as required. His discussions focus primarily on classical findings and the work of his own laboratory and in this way he presents very directly what he regards as the central issues in cortical control of motor behaviors.

Hiroshi Asanuma has been a major contributor to our understanding of how the motor cortex works. In this book, he provides a way neuroscience graduate students and residents (and others) may become acquainted with motor systems and the complexities of cortical contributions to motor control without becoming discouraged by the enormity of it all.



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Asanuma, H. The motor cortex