Ahrens, E.  The crisis in clinical research


Ahrens, E. The crisis in clinical research



Edward H. Ahrens, Jr. The crisis in clinical research: overcoming institutional obstacles

The current crisis in clinical research cannot be fully appreciated unless the underlying economic, sociological and motivational problems in American medicine are fully understood. Accordingly, this important book describes the evolution of biomedical research in relation to changes in institutional perceptions of the importance of each of the three roles that U.S. medical schools play--teaching, research, and service to patients. Ahrens meticulously analyzes seven very different kinds of research activity that are included under the term "clinical research". This timely work identifies the fundamental differences between reductionism and integrative research and provides clear evidence that if both modes are to prosper in the future, as they must, then patient-oriented research must receive far stronger support from U.S. medical schools and the NIH. Ahrens masterfully argues that changes must be made in the special training of clinical investigators and in their funding requirements, and that new working partnerships between clinically skilled M.D.s and technically trained Ph.D.s are urgently needed in order to restore patient-oriented research to full productivity and to accomplish a rebalancing that most effectively assure quality research in the future.



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Oxford University Press


New York


medical research, health planning, medical policy


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Ahrens, E.  The crisis in clinical research