Henri Matisse


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Summer 1954


Rose window by Henri Matisse, 1954

I don’t recall who first suggested commissioning a window in the Union Church at Pocantico as a lasting memorial to Mother but the idea was quickly and unanimously accepted by all the brothers and Babs. Alfred Barr [director of the Museum of Modern Art] suggested Henri Matisse; Mother had known him quite well and owned a number of his paintings and drawings…

It turned out to be his last work of art – the maquette was in his bedroom when he died. The rose window was a beautiful, simple, and appropriate masterpiece. We dedicated it on Mother’s Day 1956, and it reminds me of Mother every time I attend church in Pocantico. The sunlight streaming through it creates a wonderful radiance and feeling of joy.

David Rockefeller. Memoirs


Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, Henri Matisse

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