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Paul Greengard in 1987. Photo by Ingbert Grüttner

In 1983 Paul Greengard came to Rockefeller, where he established the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience and served as founding director of the Fisher Center for Research on Alzheimer’s Disease.

" One day I was at a meeting [in California] and a professor named Gerald Edelman asked: "Do you want to spend the rest of your life living in New Haven?" I asked him to expand on that thought and he said that - he told me that we'd really like you to come to the Rockefeller to be on the faculty. And I loved Yale, I thought - I had a lot of very good friends on the faculty there. I thought I never would leave it. It's a wonderful community there, and it's got its own large cultural activities and so on, and a very helpful spirit, people helped each other.

But the reasons that I seriously considered and then accepted coming to Rockefeller involved - there were several factors." - Paul Greengard, Ora History


Paul Greengard, The Rockefeller University


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