Studies in the Chemistry of the Ion-Proteid Compounds

Studies in the Chemistry of the Ion-Proteid Compounds



T. Brailsford Robertson. Studies in the chemistry of the ion-proteid compounds, 1907

Thorburn Brailsford Robertson (1884 – 1930), generally known as Brailsford Robertson, was an Australian physiologist and biochemist.

Robertson had been very interested in the work of Professor Jacques Loeb of the University of California, one of the ablest biochemists of his time, and immediately after graduation obtained a position in his laboratory. There he worked for five years, contributing during this period around 40 papers to leading scientific journals, and establishing a reputation as an authority on proteins. He never lacked courage, and thus early in his career attacked and subsequently refuted many of the doctrines then generally accepted. In 1910 when Loeb went to the Rockefeller Institute, New York, Robertson became assistant professor of biochemistry and pharmacology at Berkeley, becoming full professor in 1917.

An excellent lecturer, he was, foremost, an inspired and inspiring investigator who greatly influenced the development of a research outlook in the medical school.

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T. Brailsford Robertson

Studies in the Chemistry of the Ion-Proteid Compounds