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Anthony Campo, 1963

Through the early twenties, almost 75% of the institute’s laboratory glassware, equipment, microscopes, chemicals, and dyes were imported from Europe. Anthony Campo (1902-1982) and his colleagues in Purchasing handled the importing and customs clearance and arranged for delivery to the Institute. He came to RIMR in 1917 as a stock clerk and was appointed superintendent of Purchase and Supply and pharmacist in 1957, a post he held until his retirement in 1970. Anthony Campo recalled some of the odd items his department has been asked to procure: horse dander sweat and saliva; dwarf coconut seeds from South America; eggs of wild eagles and guinea hens; butterfly pupae in the diapause stage; and pregnant salamanders. One of the most exotic items requested was 40,000 firefly tails. He contacted the appropriate officials on the island of Jamaica who turned him down because this request might extinguish the winking summer lights and hurt the tourist trade.


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