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Journal Club Dinner, circa 1934/1935

This film was taken by James M. Neill who worked at the Rockefeller Institute in the 1920s with Dr. Van Slyke. At the time of the film, he was a Professor of Bacteriology at Cornell Medical School. An amateur photographer, he must have been visiting former colleagues at the Institute carrying along his camera. Among the people pictured in this 3-minute footage are Oswald Avery, who with his colleagues Collin M. MacLeod and Maclyn McCarty made a discovery that DNA is the substance that transmits hereditary information; Rufus Cole, the first Director of the Rockefeller Hospital; Alexis Carrel, the first Nobel Prize winner in the history of The Rockefeller University; Alphonse Dochez, who together with Rufus Cole had developed a serum against Type 1 pneumococcus.

Donated by William Neill


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