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William H. Welch on the porch of William Wickham Welch's home, circa 1870s

Courtesy the Norfolk Historical Museum

From left to right: Frederic Walcott, his brother-in-law; William H. Welch; Emily Sedwick Welch, his stepmother; William Wickham Welch, his father; and Emeline Walcott, his sister. Seated are the Walcott children.

After receiving the A.B. degree from Yale University in 1870, William H. Welch helped to organize a new school in Norwich, NY and taught there for an academic year. German and Cicero were among the courses he taught. At the end of the school term, he decided to follow family tradition and become a physician. He returned to Norfolk and served as an apprentice to his father.


William H. Welch, William Wickham Welch, Emeline Walcott, Norfolk, Connecticut