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The Journal of Experimental Medicine, Vol. 7, 1905

In February 1905, Dr. Flexner and Dr. Eugene Opie, editors of the Journal, got out the final numbers of volume 6 of the JEM, which had been held up two years; numbers 4,5, and 6 appearing in a single issue composed, as Simon Flexner put it, of "the most important manuscripts rescued from Welch's study." This was the last issue to appear with Welch's name on the Journal cover, and it contained 40 papers, all but two of which were by his Baltimore pupils. Ever since that time JEM has appeared regularly and has continued to be one of the world's most respected medical research journals.

For fifteen years Simon Flexner was chief editor, assisted by Opie until 1910 and by Benjamin D. Terry for the next two years. He carried on alone thereafter until 1921 when Peyton Rous became editor with him.


Journal of Experimental Medicine, Simon Flexner


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