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Enroute to the Ming Tombs, China, 1915. Photograph by Simon Flexner

Courtesy of Medical Archives of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

In 1915 William Welch, then President of the Board of Scientific Directors of the Rockefeller Institute, and Simon Flexner went to China as the medical members of a commission to examine progress in establishing the Peking Union Medical College there under auspices of The Rockefeller Foundation. Like so many men of scientific genius Dr. Welch was interested in art and architecture, and he took any every occasion to explore the Imperial city. Thus, with Simon Flexner and Mrs.Flexner and Caroline Buttrick, wife of Wallace Buttrick, Director of the Commission, Welch set forth on a two-day expedition north to Nankou to see the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs.

At one point as the expedition paused to admire a monument, Simon Flexner snapped a photograph of William Welch on his pony.


William H. Welch, Simon Flexner


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