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William H. Welch with the male members of the first graduating class of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1897

Courtesy of Medical Archives of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

To quantities of students and to a large part of Baltimore, the great distinguished Dr. Welch was known as "Popsy". He was indeed an intellectual father to many of the greatest scientists in America, and he had many endearing foibles.

The anecdotes about Welch are touching and revealing. He was unable to refuse a request, however inconvenient. He followed the local baseball team, the famous "Orioles", with the enthusiasm of a true fan, correcting learned articles between innings. Scorning scholarly retreats, he loved seaside resorts like Coney Island; he was an inveterate rider of roller-coasters, and so adventurous a swimmer that at the age of fifty-nine he was arrested in Germany for swimming out of bounds.


William H. Welch, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


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