Reflections on Mind and the Image of Reality


Reflections on Mind and the Image of Reality


James W. Brown



Brown, J. Reflections on mind and the image of reality.Eugene, Oregon: Resource Publications, 2017

This collection of brief essays and still briefer commentaries is a personal reflection on some topics that have been thematic in the development of my theoretical work. These essays are not meant to extend the theory into a yet-uncharted territory, but rather to draw out some of its implications for clinical neuroscience, philosophy of mind, and everyday life. The point of view guiding these reflections can be found in prior works, but the discerning reader will not fail to see a departure from current models of mind and brain based on circuit board diagrams, modular and computational theories that conflict with a processual account in which the mind/brain is more like a living organism. This perspective, which is often at odds with common sense and folk psychology, has particular relevance to our concepts of the self, the inner life, subjective time, adaptive process, and the world represented in perception. -- back cover.

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Resource Publications


Eugene, Oregon


philosophy of mind, consciousness

Reflections on Mind and the Image of Reality