In Honor of S. Ramon Y Cajal


In Honor of S. Ramon Y Cajal



In Honor of S. Ramon Y Cajal: On the Centenary of his Birth 1952. Stockholm, 1953

This supplement of Acta Physiologica Scandinavica is contributed by members of a research group in neurophysiology in honor of the centenary of Ramón y Cajal's birth. There are thirty-one separate articles on various aspects of neurophysiology. Of these, thirteen deal with the tracts and reflex connections in the spinal cord, three with the brain stem, and seven with the receptor peripheral nerves and nerve roots; three are concerned with the retina; two deal with technical matters and one is on bladder musculature. A translation of the summaries in Spanish is appended at the end of the volume. This wide range of studies concerned with neurophysiology indeed pays a tribute to the comprehensiveness of Cajal's work in histology, which still serves as a solid basis for investigation in this field.

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S. Ramon Y Cajal

In Honor of S. Ramon Y Cajal