Brain and Perception


Brain and Perception


Karl H. Pribram



Pribram, Karl H. Brain and Perception: Holonomy and Structure in Figural Processing. Distinguished Lecture Series. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991

Presented as a series of lectures, this important volume achieves four major goals: 1) It integrates the results of the author's research as applied to pattern perception -- reviewing current brain research and showing how several lines of inquiry have been converging to produce a paradigm shift in our understanding of the neural basis of figural perception. 2) It updates the holographic hypothesis of brain function in perception. 3) It emphasizes the fact that both distributed (holistic) and localized (structural) processes characterize brain function. 4) It portrays a neural systems analysis of brain organization in figural perception by computational models -- describing processing in terms of formalisms found useful in ordering data in 20th-century physical and engineering sciences. The lectures are divided into three parts: a Prolegomenon outlining a theoretical framework for the presentation; Part I dealing with the configurable aspects of perception; and Part II presenting its cognitive aspects.

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Lawrence Erlbaum Associates


brain, mind

Brain and Perception