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Hideyo Noguchi, circa 1920s

Courtesy of the Rockefeller Archive Center

Noguchi, Hideyo (1876-1928) was a Japanese born bacteriologist who came to The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in 1904 and was successively Assistant, Associate Member, and Member until his death in 1928. He worked closely with Simon Flexner. His first work was on the study of snake venoms. He then worked on collateral problems in immunology, syphilis and other forms of spirochetes and the etiological factors in Yellow Fever, Oroya Fever and trachoma. He served as bacteriologist of the Yellow Fever Commission sent by the International Health Board of The Rockefeller Foundation. He died at Accra, West Africa while on a project for the study of Yellow Fever.

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Years at the Rockefeller Institute: 1904-1928


Hideyo Noguchi


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