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Walther F. Goebel, 1973

Courtesy of the Rockefeller Archive Center

Dr. Goebel (1899-1993) a biochemist, dedicated his time and energy to the study of the body's chemical defense against infection by microorganisms. He joined the Rockefeller Institute as a research assistant, 1924-1927, associate, 1927-1934, associate member, 1934-1944, member, 1944-1957, and professor, 1957-1970. He became professor emeritus of The Rockefeller University in 1970.

Professor Goebel received the Avery-Landsteiner Prize of the European Society of Immunologists, in 1973 and an honorary doctor of science degrees from Middleburry College, Vermont, in 1959 and the Rockefeller University, in 1978.

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Years at The Rockefeller University: 1924-1970; emeritus 1970-1993


Walther F. Goebel


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