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The Boltzmann Equation: Theory and Applications/Edited by E.G.D. Cohen. Wien, 1973

In 1872, Boltzmann published a paper which for the first time provided a precise mathematical basis for a discussion of the approach to equilibrium. The paper dealt with the approach to equilibrium of a dilute gas and was based on an equation - the Boltzmann equation, as we call it now - for the velocity distribution function of such a gas. The Boltzmann equation still forms the basis of the kinetic theory of gases and has proved fruitful not only for the classical gases Boltzmann had in mind, but also- if properly generalized - for the electron gas in a solid and the excitation gas in a superfluid. Therefore it was felt by many of us that the Boltzmann equation was of sufficient interest, even today, to warrant a meeting, in which a review of its present status would be undertaken. Since Boltzmann had spent a good part of his life in Vienna, this city seemed to be a natural setting for such a meeting. historical lectures, since it was generally felt that apart from their general interest, they would furnish a good introduction to the subsequent scientific sessions.

Twenty-three invited lectures were presented at the Symposium, and all are included in this volume. --- E.G.D. Cohen, W. Thirring


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