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The Cohen book: the history of a Dutch Jewish family from the 17th to the 20th century / by Dr. D.E. Cohen; translated and annotated by Sam Herman, 2016

Today, on my fiftieth birthday, I present to you and to the two boys this document which I have worked on for more than twenty-five years. My reasons for undertaking this study are first of all the enjoyment that I found in tracing the history and genealogy of our family, but also because I encountered so many exceptionally talented people in our lineage who may serve as examples to later generations, because of the cultural-historical value of the story of a Dutch Jewish family spanning nearly three centuries, and by this effort to strengthen the family connection, and last but not least, to honor our parents and forebears to that our lineage may “blossom like an olive tree.”

To my wife and my children.

Dedication by Dr. D.E. Cohen


David Ezechiel Cohen, Ezechiel Godert David “Eddie” Cohen, exhibit, Markus Library


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