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“…I want to thank my two mentors, Van R. Potter and George E. Palade. David Sabatini was a particularly inspiring and forming influence, especially in the early stages of my career.

I was fortunate to have extremely talented graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working with me. Those who made seminal contributions on the ER translocation were mentioned in the text.”

-Günter Blobel, Nobel Lecture

Top (clockwise): David Sabatini (Research Professor, Department of Cell Biology, NYU School of Medicine), Bernhard Dobberstein (Professor and Research Group Head at the Centre for Molecular Biology of the Ruprecht–Karls University of Heidelberg), Vishwamath (Vishu) Lingappa (Professor, University of Washington), Peter Walter (Professor, University of California, San Francisco)

Bottom (clockwise): Reid Gilmore (Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School), Christopher Nicchitts (Associate Dean for Research Training, Duke University School of Medicine), Sanford Simon (Professor, The Rockefeller University), Roland Beckmann (Professor, Gene Center and Department of Biochemistry Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)

Photo by Lubosh Stepanek


David Sabatini, Bernhard Dobberstein, Vishwamath (Vishu) Lingappa, Peter Walter, Reid Gilmore, Christopher Nicchitts, Sanford Simon, Roland Beckmann


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