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Günter Blobel (center) with his brothers (left to right): Karl, Reiner, and Hans. Freiberg, 1947

Courtesy of the Blobel family

1945 was a turning point in my life. Until then, my childhood was a perfect 19th century idyll. In the cold and snow-rich Silesian winters there were hour-long rides on Sunday in horse-drawn sleights to my maternal grandparent’s farm to have lunch and to spend the afternoon. The house was a magnificent 18th century manor house in the nearby Altgabel with a great hall that was decorated with hunting trophies...The way to school was a long one. We went there on foot and as a pack, usually consisting of one or two of my seven brothers and sisters and of children from neighboring houses.”

-Günter Blobel, Biographical Sketch


Günter Blobel


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