Dedication of the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Diabetes Insterdisciplinary Research Program


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Arthur Belfer, Rochelle Berlfer, Torsten Wiesel, Michel Nusssenzweig, Ralph Steinman


Dedication of the Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Diabetes Interdisciplinary Research Program at The Rockefeller University on October 16, 1996

As a result of a $1.25 million gifts from The Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Foundation of New York The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International (JDFI) dedicated a new diabetes research program at RU. Through the generosity of Jack and Anita Belfer Saltz, a five-year Diabetes Interdisciplinary Research Program has been established. Professor Ralph M. Steinman is the principle investigator, and Professors Michel Nussenzweig and Jeffrey Ravetch are the other lead investigators, The program is partnered by the NIH:s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

At the dedication were Lawrence Ruben, member of the RU Council; Robert Wood Johnson IV, chairman JDFI and member of RU Council; Selma Belfer Ruben, member of RU Council; Ralph Steinman; Michel Nussenzweig; Jack Saltz; Anita Belfer Saltz; Robert Belfer, president of Belfer Foundation; Renee Belfer; and Torsten N. Wiesel, Rockefeller University President.

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