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Dr. E.G.D. Cohen. Reminiscences of World War II. Interview by Erica Sigmon, 2004

Between the summer of 1945 and today, like my father, I have attempted to complete a family story. In my case it was the circumstances of my parents’ murder in Auschwitz in 1943. Right at the end of World War II, I started my search for information about when and where they died. I wrote to the International Red Cross, the Auschwitz Memorial, Yad Vashem, and many other organizations that were recommended to me that could provide more information. On 24 July 2000, I received final confirmation from the American Red Cross about the fate of my parents:

“On 7 August 1943, they were brought to Westerbork transit camp, penal barrack 67. On 7 September 1943 they were deported from Westerbork to concentration camp Auschwitz. Both parents of the inquirer died on 10 September 1943 at Auschwitz or in the neighborhood of Auschwitz.”

E.G.D. Cohen. Introduction to The Cohen Book


E.G.D. Cohen, Erica Sigmon, exhibit, Markus Library


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